Roof Painting

Why Paint your roof?

To protect an ageing roof, or to improve the visual appearance, roof painting has been a common home improvement for a long time.

It is most commonly undertaken on roofs which are made of concrete or iron.

Roof painting should be left to the professionals. It is dangerous, requires lots of preparation, and choosing the right paint is absolutely critical.

Type of paints used

Due to the strength of the Australian sun, and extreme weather conditions your roof has to face, the paint used has to be extremely durable, and of a high quality.

A good quality roof paint should be approx 50% solids and highly elastic, to cope with the big variations in temperature. The greater the paint’s elasticity, the less likely it is to peel or flake.

Roof Painting, the process

1. Preparation. This is the most vital step.

First of all, we pressure clean the roof. Depending if the roof has already been painted (and the old paint requires removal) a pressure cleaner between 3,000 psi and 4,000 psi is used.

2. The roof is then assessed for structural damage. It may require repairing prior to painting. Broken tiles may need to be replaced, the ridge-caps repointed and other minor roof repairs undertaken.

3. Once any necessary repairs have been made, it is then primed. For tiled roofs, a concrete tile sealer is used. For metal roofs, we use an etch primer.

4. The roof is then ready for painting. On high stress area like ridge cappings, the paint is brushed on, to give those areas extra protection.

The entire roof is then spray painted, with a high quality, water based acrylic roof coating, which is actually more of a membrane. Once the first coat has dried, a second and final coat is put on.

Our roof painting is guaranteed for 10 years, and should last considerably longer before showing signs of wear.

If you would simply like your roof cleaned, we can arrange that for you too.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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